We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 7:00pm-8:30pm at Foothill High School in the library

To raise awareness of the epidemic use of prescription and illicit drugs in our community and to involve various members of the Bay Area in our fight.

Please come join us for our final Mothers With a Purpose dinner meeting at Foothill High School Library in Pleasanton on Thursday evening, October 25th from 7:00 - 9:00 P.M.
Mothers With a Purpose was started 9 years ago by two local moms, Donna and Kelly with an idea that they could provide support, education and make a difference to families like theirs that had been touched by substance abuse. I believe they  fulfilled that mission. We have listened and learned, we have cried, we have mourned, we have opened our hearts and have made friendships and connections.
Over the years each member that has been a part of the Mothers With a Purpose family has grown by this experience and gained so much from the individuals and families who have crossed our paths. For those of us who have volunteered on the Mothers With a Purpose Board, we are so very THANKFUL to have had this opportunity to give back to the community.
As a small group of volunteers, our lives and commitments have evolved and we are no longer able to make the necessary time commitment to move the organization forward. Therefore we have made the difficult decision to close this chapter that has meant so very much to each of us. We may officially say goodbye but Mothers With a Purpose will never be forgotten. Our immeasurable appreciation will always be to Donna and Kelly for their time and vision in creating this group. Please won't you join us for a final opportunity to CELEBRATE Mothers With a Purpose for all of the good this volunteer organization has  accomplished.

Mother's With a Purpose is a non-profit organization

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